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Certainly, you can find a large number of sites talking about sports betting tips and strategies but the fact is that the internet is loaded with poor advice on this topic. The following practical things are something that every bettor should consider.

One of the important factors is to understand the teams that you are gambling on and how they stack up against each other. If you do not know, how can you guess what the point spread is going to be? Also, you should do the research what point spreads they have had before, how they play with similar teams, and the way they have been performing recently. That way, more informed decisions which increase your chances of success will be made.

Nevertheless, a much better way to get this is to either stick to betting systems or study advanced football strategies.

Football Betting

NFL is away just a few weeks and football is recently the most popular bet sport in the US as well as all over the world. The betting lines of other sports like basketball or baseball only are opened the night before a game; meanwhile, we have a full week to prepare for football. Football betting lines are posted on Sunday for the games in the following weekend.


How to Handicap NCAA & NFL Football

If you truly want to get into learning NFL handicapping, you probably spend months in reading, learning, and becoming a computer expert to obtain enough information for a professional handicapper. All the fun is also taken out of betting and turns it into a job involving serious time commitment. Finally nevertheless, none of this is even required to make massive profits from betting sports. If you value your time, there are much better ways.

Football BettingStrategy

If you are interested in sports betting strategy and do not like learning about the mathematics, the good news is there exists an easy strategy to get started. First, sign up at then develop a firm set of betting systems.

Play the Motivation Factor

This system recommends teams who are blown out the week before, and teams that lose late in a game due to fourth quarter heroics of the opponent are far more motivated the following week. These teams spend the week hearing it from their coaches, family, fans, and each other, etc. and don’t want to experience it any time the following week and therefore practice with concentration. So, a team which lost 38-10 the previous week should be considered this week. Also, if a team was winning in the fourth quarter, but then lost the lead with 21 seconds left, this is another team you should consider.

Now vice versa only applies to underdogs. An underdog which blows out an opponent or comes second and wins with 21 seconds left also should be considered. This is because these teams are celebrating the win, therefore, get back to practice charged with a slight bit of overconfidence. In general, sports betting strategies are really necessary, especially for football.

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