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Online casino Malaysia offers a variant of blackjack titled Big Five Blackjack since last month. The “big five” certainly refers to the big five of the South African safari. This is noticeable from the logo shown on the blackjack table. The only other linked to “five” is that the online blackjack game is played with five decks. This is an unusual number for blackjack games. The multi hand format allows players to play five hands against the dealer hand. In online casino Malaysia, the rules of Big Five Blackjack are a mix of the rules from the more standard versions of the game. These can be accessed by moving the cursor over the Game Rules icon on the screen. This blackjack variant is meant for big game hunters with the minimum table bet being 5 credits and the maximum being 1,000 credits. Big Five Blackjack is based on the European version.


The dealer’s hole card is not sell and there is no peeking for blackjack by the dealer upfront. The other significant rule for the dealer is that he hits on amount of soft 17. Both these rules offer a slight advantage to the house which is made up by giving some benefits to the player. At online gambling Malaysia, players can double down on any two cards and even double down after a split. Yet, aces can be split only once and only one card will be dealt to split aces. A split ace and ten value card count as 21 value hand and not as a blackjack. One of the crucial rules is that early surrender is allowed. This form of surrender, known as late surrender, is not relevant in Big Five Blackjack. The surrender choice entails the player losing half his ante wager and therefore must be easily used in order to be effective. In Big Five Blackjack, the optimum strategy edict that early surrender must be exercised only happen when the dealer’s face up card is 9 and the player’s hand value is 16 or the dealer’s face up card is a 10 value card and the player’s hand value is 14, 15 or 16.


The game play of Big Five Blackjack starts with the player placing the pay bet. The player is dealt two cards and the dealer one card, all face up. Instantly the player is asked if he wants to surrender or not. Then the game play proceeds as in regular blackjack variants. Players in online betting Malaysia need to use optimum strategy in order to achieve the 99.5% average returns that Big Five Blackjack offers. Therefore using the Auto Play feature in Expert Mode is recommended. It automatically uses the strategy card.










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