Michael Ballack: ‘It’s time to break up Schweinsteiger for Germany’

July 30th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Sports Betting

List of 39 players earlier decision juniors advised to retire from international to concentrate to play for Manchester United, after the disappointment at Euro 2016 period.

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Schweinsteiger pass Lahm, Klinsmann, Klose to set a record in Euro / Man Utd Beckenbauer criticized thwarted Schweinsteiger
Bastian Schweinsteiger is still head coach Joachim Loew believes Germany captain awarded at Euro 2016, even though he struggled with a knee injury in Manchester United in last season mostly.


The midfielder scored the match results in the group stage encounter 2-0 Ukraine, after substitute. But also his big mistake led to the defeat of the world champions in the semi-final confrontation when France host. The veteran player for handball in the penalty area when jumping up against a corner in the dying seconds of the first half, online betting brokers made under penalty when Germany are playing dominating. This situation led to the Griezmann’s opener, and helped France advance to admit engine completed a 2-0 victory.
Ballack’s former senior Schweinsteiger in Bayern Munich and Germany.
Performer and physical condition of Michael Ballack to Schweinsteiger made to speak in the comments section German newspaper Express: “Now is the right time for Schweinsteiger broke up the national team, to be able to prolong career football at club level. ”

“Watch him play the last two years, I must say that after all the trauma he experienced, I am concerned about the state of his fitness. He will only have the strength to fight for Man Utd location “, Ballack further evaluation.

Former talented midfielder organization of Germany also recommend Schweinsteiger should spend more time thinking before deciding to still want to play in 2018 World Cup qualifying: “He can put himself in a quandary if still capped at the World Cup qualifying campaign. Other players will be questions about his position in the squad. Schweinsteiger does not deserve the priority “.

Ballack also had major difficult decisions when the team broke up. First he missed the 2010 World Cup because of injury, and then excluded from the planned play of Joachim Loew in the next prize.

Ballack is one of the leading scorers in the history of the German team, which helped the team to the final in the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2008. But he had to terminate international career when just missing two games played is 100 caps for the national team.

Low Ballack insert name proposed in the German team participated in two friendly matches, it is the two matches farewell and honor, but he refused. Ballack retires with 98 national team appearances, scoring 42 goals.
Schweinstiger is going through a difficult period in his career.
Schweinsteiger made Germany somewhat error was eliminated in the semifinals Euro 2016. But Ballack said that it will not lower the status and contribution of 31-year-old midfielder.

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“Phase to his handball in the semifinals silly, but that can not take away his glorious career with the team. He has helped bring Germany to the 2014 World Cup champion He did many things for football. He still could head up out of the front door step, “Ballack comment further.

After the defeat of Germany in the semi-finals of Euro 2016, Schweinsteiger wrote a message to fans on the Facebook page of the German Football Federation: “We lack something crucial in the game against France. Fortunately, there are things you need. But the failure is part of the game, even if they make us feel the pain.

I therefore still proud of what we achieved. Teams we have persistently pursued football style of their own. In about seven weeks, we have more cohesion and progress in the spirit of a team collectively. This consensus helped powerful Germany two years ago in Brazil, and remains so now here in France. We are a team. Die Mannschaft we are. ”

Schweinsteiger did not say anything concerning his future plans with the team, instead he wrote: “See you soon”.

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