Malaysia online lottery- What is the 4D lottery ?

July 30th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Lottery

Each country has different way to entertain. And lottery is a kind of gambling that not only make you entertained but also make you become a millionaire. Just like that, the lotteries vary country to country. Each country has its own ways to do lottery; however, the rules are in general the same.

  1. The 4D Lottery

4D or 4-Digits is a kind of popular Malaysia online casino . This lottery is so similar to pick 4-lottery that is played popularly in United States and Canada. Like other gambling games online, 4D can also be played online, and you can also check the results of 4D Malaysia online lottery like the way you check results of the other kind of online lotteries.


The rule of 4D lottery is so simple. You need to predict a number of 4 digits between 0000 and 9999. Just 3 people win the prize randomly with the assistance of draw. This draw can be implemented computerized or manually. Prizes for 4D game can be various club to club. Some of the clubs have prizes with big values while some have prizes with smaller value. This is because in fact, the prize value depends on the number of 4D lotteries has been sold. In Malaysia, currently, there are only 3 companies providing 4D lottery separately and having their own prize values and 4D results; however they share the same rules of playing Malaysia online lottery.

  1. The Latest 4D Results

You can find the latest results of Malaysia online lottery for free of cost. Even who people who did not buy 4D lottery, they often check the results as it will help them predict the lucky numbers more exactly for their next lottery.

In fact, it is because there are cases that the number that won the lottery once will be able to win again and also have more opportunities to win compared to other numbers of lottery.


Therefore, in case that you are researching for the results of Malaysia online lottery such as Sports Toto and Magnum, you can use the Internet to get the latest updates about 4D results. In addition to this, there are some websites that will offer the latest 4D results; however, not all of them will be able to give you the results on time. Sometimes, you can need to wait for a couple of hours or even days in order to get the latest 4D results. However, you do not need to worry about it as there is a website that always updates about 4D on time. This means that you can get updates about numbers, prediction, 4D lottery games as well as latest 4D results. The site I am talking is which is one of the best online lottery stores in Malaysia. It always updates its website continuously; therefore, in case you try buying Malaysia online lottery and hope for a prize from that, you do not miss any of the updates related to 4D lottery.

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