Klopp chasing Liverpool home

July 28th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Sports Betting

Whether pillars, Mamadou Sakho has left the team because of continuous breach of discipline during training in the United States.
Liverpool won the match for the third consecutive season tour / midfielder left Liverpool after Wales recruitment success in Euro

Klopp is famous for assertiveness at work. Photo: Reuters.

Klopp is famous for assertiveness at work. Photo: Reuters.

“He almost missed the team flight (from Liverpool to San Francisco, USA), missed a training session and share a meal late,” coach Jurgen Klopp revealed about why he chased Sakho return home early.

“We have laws and all must respect. If someone makes sports betting online me feel that they do not respect the rules set out, I had to hand. After eight or ten days, when the team return Liverpool, we will talk to each other about what happened. there’s nothing to debate at all. You can not argue when there is only one person to speak. ”

Sakho PSG grew up in coat color, before moving to Liverpool in 2013. Last season he was coach Kloop midfielder is preferred asian bet.

When asked whether fines Sakho, Klopp said: “A fine it? You can ask, and I can explain that basically this: I do not care about the players fined . the fact is that in my life, I do not often fine someone because I want all to understand each other and to put things in the right direction. at any one group does too. Sometimes punishment for fun only. ‘come, pays off’. that was for fun. and when someone made a mistake, a fine of no use at all. because they do not always care about the money. it’s like ‘pain once then stop ‘. So I want the players efforts because they really want this, that’s all. “

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