How to play Highway king slot free play easily and effectively?

August 23rd, 2016 | Posted by admin in Slot Games

How to play Highway king slot free play easily?

The first thing that you have to know as you want to play this game in the most effective way is about roles of slot. Before you participate in this game, you ensure you have to master the roles, features and meanings of the icons of the slot. This has a great advantage to you, especially as you do not understand about Highway king slot free play. As you master the roles of the slot, as well as while you master the knowledge of the test, you can simply join the slot, respond fast respond quickly to unexpected circumstance during playing. That supports your possibility of winning increase.


The second thing, you should try to play the slot before the official begin playing. Each prestigious website which serve this slot you will definitely give you a trial. Join demo of this game will give you a comprehensive view of the game, get used to it before you officially entered a real battle.

The third thing you have to take note is the effect of the button as: Gamble Max, Gamble one, Turn. Spend them in a reasonable manner will help you improve your opportunity of winning.

In conclusion

Highway king slot free play is the best online gambling malaysia. With this surprising gambling game, you will have the best experience and win the best winning. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin now.

Features in the Highway King Slot

The Red Truck is a wild signal which means that it can substitute for any other signal in the game (except the Scatter signal) to support you achieve the highest available winning composition. As it is spent to achieve a winning composition it also multiplies the win amount by two. Please note that the effect is not cumulative. As you have two Wild signals this still just multiplies the winnings by two, not four. The Exhaust Pipe is the Scatter signal. As you get between two and five of these signal in your results you will achieve further wins according to the Scatter payable. They must lie consecutively but do not have to be on a single pay line. You can win with a Scatter win even if you don’t win with your pay lines.

Bonuses for players in Highway King Slot

This game features a Dollar Bill extra game. You can actuate this game at any time by choosing the Enable button. You will be showed with numbers 1-49 and as in a lotto game you have to choose 5 of these numbers. Select numbers by pressing on them or spend a random choice by choosing the Random Pick button. In Highway King Slot, once the Dollar Bill game is actuated a gamble will be placed every time you play the main slot. The numbers will remain the same unless you go back into the game to alter them. Match 1-3 numbers for a fixed win and you also get the opportunity to win the progressive Jackpot.

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