Bayern lost on spot-outs Milan after chasing the score

July 28th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Sports Betting

German team 3-3 equalizer in the last minute but then still be seeing Milan win the series gunfight at the International Champions Cup friendlies.

Milan play against Bayern resilience are rated higher.
Milan who opened the scoring with a shot down the ice and his closing speed of Mbaye Niang neat. However Bayern quickly scored twice in the first half thanks to Frank Ribery and David Alaba. In which goals from Alaba is a devilish low shot from close range 25 meters.


Entering the second half, Milan immediately overturned the ball, with somewhat fortunate circumstances. Andrea Bertolacci 2-2 following a Bayern defense ball can not break decisively above the Juraj Kucka before put Milan ahead in shots on defenders who redirected.

Milan just to keep sports betting broker the score until the 90th minute when Bernat was fouled within 16m50 and do not miss the opportunity Ribery scored a brace, while equalized 3-3.

End of 90 minutes, the match went into shoot-to dispose of the results. After the first three plays were successful shot, Rafinha was unable winning goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma teen in the fourth turn. Thereby, Milan beat Bayern on the dotted shootout 5-3.

This is the first match Bayern did not win since Ancelotti took over spread betting brokers. Milan’s former team Ancelott and lifting him into the steps leading coaches.

Milan side, new coach Montella continued to show positive signs with victory over Bordeaux and the match against Bayern just happened. Although still have to improve a lot of expertise and spirit of the game but the team showed a markedly positive.

In the match against Milan, Bayern still have to use so many young players the pillar framework has yet to return after Euro 2016 online betting brokers. The two biggest stars in the team of Frank Ribery and Bayern’s David Alaba will speak with spectacular goals.

In the next series of the ICC match, Bayern will face Inter Milan also confronted Liverpool on 30/7.

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