Barca hold successful Mascherano

July 28th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Sports Betting

Argentine midfielder will sign a contract extension with the team owner Cam Nou to 2019, instead of moving to Juventus.
Mascherano agreed to join Juventus

Javier Mascherano will asian betting exchange be extended one year compared to the previous contract. He probably will stay in Barcelona until summer 2019, when 35-year-old round.

Retention Mascherano has brought many challenges for Barca at the beginning the negotiation process. Needs to be playing in midfield, Mascherano intention ever consider switching to Juventus.
Mascherano played an indispensable role barricades of Barca. Photo: Reuters
If the loss of players wore No. 14, Barca could be serious injury. Since 2010, midfielder Mascherano has always been the most effective at the Nou Camp.

“We are very happy that Mascherano decided to stay in Barca”, Robert Fernandez, Barca’s sporting director said at 27/7.

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Mascherano began his career as a defensive midfielder. It is also the role that each player shows in Liverpool and Argentina. When moved to Barcelona, so do not compete with Busquets in midfield, the new Mascherano playing at center-back.

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